Minggu, 20 Agustus 2017

Le Diliel Asian Bistro & Bar - Pluit Village

There's finally a nice luxury bistro at Pluit, and I really mean very fine restaurant at Pluit Village. This shopping mall has been an underdog, yes people somehow blindly judge this place as a 'dead' and unpopular place. But lately I found out that there are actually nice cafes inside and its quite hidden on the balcony area or the outdoor area of the mall. I hardly found the location at first until I finally found out that there is an outdoor area. Its a surprised feeling when going inside the room. I was quite stunned by the beautiful decoration. It was Friday night when we came here and it was actually an invitation dinner by The HYPE group. There was no particular event whatsoever, we got invited here purely to enjoy our night in a special beautiful table decor and with a 5 star service! Bravo Le Diliel, you surprised us that night! 

Selasa, 15 Agustus 2017

New HOURS COFFEE & MORE at Kelapa Gading

Another new coffee shop in town, specifically in Kelapa Gading. I am a very picky person when it comes to reviewing coffee shop. I don't know I just feel like pesimistic about current coffee shop trend where they only sell coffee (I mean standard coffee sorry). But this one HOURS is something fresh and tempting. The whole fresh concept that I saw from the social media really attracted me to come. I visited here for a quick lunch and they have only a few menus to try. I really hope they add some more main course menus, such as steak or pasta because I hardly picked a main course for that little options. But my first impression was pretty nice, foods were fine, coffee was decent, room was quite packed as it was still around a week or two of the opening. I don't have much to show, but hope you enjoy the review. Let's go!

Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

Sajian Nasi Liwet ala BUMBU REMPAH di PIK

Guys mau kenalin nih salah satu penantang baru di Elang Laut PIK (kaya pertunjukan tinju yaa penantang) namanya Bumbu Rempah, Yeayy! Dari namanya juga sudah cukup jelas ya yaitu restoran dengan masakan Indonesia authentic. Kenapa Bumbu Rempah? Karena memang masakannya penuh dengan rempah-rempah #Eaaaa. Jadi Bumbu Rempah ini ada di deretan paling awal restoran2 yang ada di Elang Laut, atau satu ruko setelah Minus Two kalau kalian tau. Specialist nya sebenarnya di menu Nasi Liwet nih guys, yaitu nasi yang disajikan beramai2 dengan lauk pauk di atas daun pisang yang digelar di atas meja, bukan di lantai ya :) Bumbu Rempah ini ingin membawa konsep masakan lokal tradisional dengan ambience yang cukup nyaman karena berada di indoor berAC dan juga di atas meja tentunya. Package nya ini bisa untuk ber10 loh guys, jadi kalau buat acara rumpi bareng temen atau keluarga seru banget nih. Bayangin kalau makan nasi liwet pake tangan terus disajikan dengan sayur asam, ikan teri, ayam goreng, udang, dll. Mending liat keseruan kita yuk di sini :D

Jumat, 11 Agustus 2017

Gelato Factory Bali - Best Gelato in Bali

There are quite a few Gelato brands in Bali but there is one that for me honestly to be the best one. I mean it kinda sounds very cliche like BEST is sort of a preference to every individual. But me and Lucy agree that Gelato Factory is by far our favorite. Gelato must be creamy like this and I believe they use the freshest ingredients especially the milk. You can tell how smooth their gelato and it melts very quick in just  a few seconds. We visited Gelato Factory at their Seminyak outlet at Jalan Kayu Aya 32 (Oberoi) and it is strategically located at a very buzzling street in Seminyak. If you know La Favela at seminyak, then it is just a few meters away! I can't wait to show you their outlet here!

Jumat, 04 Agustus 2017

KEDAI PAWON SAE by Bogana Milka

Rasanya sudah lama sekali tidak makan comfort food aka traditional Indonesian food seperti ini. Terus terang memang kita saking lebih seringnya mengejar kafe2 hits baru sampai lupa dengan makanan tradisional kita sendiri ya. Tapi ada rasa kangen tersendiri ketika melihat makanan Indonesia yang sederhana namun sangat lezat seperti yang satu ini Kedai Pawon Sae by Bogana Milka. Ya Bogana Milka ini sudah ada di industri makanan tradisional selama kurang lebih 20 tahunan. Bisnis nya ini dimulai oleh pendiri nya Ibu Milka dengan resep utamanya Nasi Bogana. Saat ini beliau banyak menciptakan kreasi makanan lainnya yang dapat ditemui di restoran dengan label Kedai Pawon Sae. Kemudian apa sih yang ditawarkan di Kedai ini? Yuk baca selengkapnya.

Selasa, 01 Agustus 2017

Buffet Lunch at Orient 8 - Hotel Mulia

Its my first time to this luxurious buffet restaurant at Hotel Mulia Senayan and I was quite excited when I first stepped into the restaurant. Its a weekday lunch time when I visited here and I escaped for a while from my work. I was quite stunned by how beautiful the room, the table, and all the decoration here. Food area wasn't quite that big actually, in fact the seating area is 3 time bigger than the food area. I believe its because a weekday lunch, its gonna be different if its dinner or weekend lunch. Oh btw, I was here because of Nibble App invitation. You might have heard the app a few times from my latest restaurant review, because I was invited for some food review here. I am not a typical buffet person, so what I'm gonna show you in the blog post is more to beautiful pictures than a close up of the food itself. Let's check it out!

Senin, 31 Juli 2017

The First BOAT NOODLE in Indonesia - Gandaria City

I'm about to introduce you guys to the most happening restaurant in Gandaria City at the moment, this is Boat Noodle. The idea of this restaurant is to serve you a small serve of Thai noodle which is actually inspired by the real noodle served in floating marketing in Thailand. There's a true reason behind the small serve noodle! While the boat on the floating market is shaking, they try to minimize the soup from spilling by serving a petite size of noodle in the bowl. That's pretty funny to think about because each bowl can only feed you around 2 spoons. So, during the early opening, they tried to make a hype by asking you to stack the bowls as much as you can. Each bowl only costs you IDR 8.500 with one choice of soup and meatball. So, 3-4 bowls still cost you reasonably right?